Why Rent from Hikestyle?

Hikestyle is an online hiking and backpacking equipment rental company. We offer quality gear, low prices and will ship right to your front door. It is our mission to create an opportunity for everyone to experience the outdoors and the joy of backpacking. We believe accomplishing this should not be costly or complicated. Let us do all of the research and own the equipment so you don't have to. Our pre-built Hikestyle Equipment Packages make it easy and affordable for anyone hit the trails! Life is about experiences, the memories we make and the people we share them with. Let Hikestyle take you there.

Here are a few of the top reasons why others rent from Hikestyle and why it might make sense for you:


  • Are invited on a trip but don't have the equipment
  • Want to bring friends on a trip but they don't have the equipment

  • Don't have the storage space

  • Want to try out backpacking before buying all of the expensive equipment

  • Don't backpack frequently and don't want to invest in the gear

  • Need a few extra pieces that are missing from your collection

  • Are traveling and don’t want to haul everything with you – have the gear shipped to a FedEx location near your final destination!

  • Run a hiking club or group - Hikestyle can help you build your membership. Never let someone say "no" because they don't have the proper equipment.

How it Works

Hiking and backpacking is about keeping things simple and stress-free. We try to do the same with our rental process.

Equipment Packages

Our equipment packages have everything you need to confidently hit the trail and start making memories.

Hiking Gear

If we do not have a package that suits your needs build and customize your own with our individually priced gear.

Hikestyle.com's Featured Photo Competition

Be featured on our website’s homepage! We love to see others’ adventures and want to share them with the Hikestyle community. We created Hikestyle to help bring people closer to nature and our Featured Photo Competition helps to share their experiences with the world and bring awareness to nature’s true beauty.

Entry & Details: To enter, head over to our Instagram page.

1) Follow our account

2) Tag @Hikestyleco in your best nature or hiking photos

3) In the picture's caption, mention "Hikestyle.com's Featured Photo Competition" and #hikestyle.

On the 1st day of each month, we select our 3 favorite photos and then leave it up to you, the community, to decide your favorite. The picture with the highest number of likes will be featured on our website for a full month and all credit will be given to the owner of the picture.

This Month's Featured Photo

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